Friday, May 18, 2012

got writing skills?

Here's our unanimous top pick for May 7th's writing prompt. This is a very evocative piece and we loved the way S.E.R. worked in "I'll Have Another," the two other horses names, plus the hat! (If you're just tuning in folks, you might want to scroll back to May 7th.) Well done!

So it is again time to don my Union rags. The piece of all pieces, the beacon upon my head; it is nothing more than the simple one. The obstructive feather bound to get in my way some day or another threatens me. I must take notice of this when I draw my bow, or I fear the feather will leave the nest and the weave of my life’s own will go with it. I wear this hat still, even after what it has brought me. Prospective will see me without the hat and rid my life of all I know and love, and that is what I fear. Yes, the fear is only fear itself, but how would you define fear without ever facing it until now? I live in the shadow taking darkness as my only ally. Born an assassin of wind, never to fall in love again; no one would want any of that unrightfully spilled blood near their hands. Especially if that blood was spilled by the one you love most. I only divulge in revenge, or what seems right at the time. I am known only as an outcast or dealer of death. But what many seem to forget is that I am still only human. I still have a heart. I still long for love. So the brim of this man’s hat I vowed to keep safe is stained with all I once loved. Him. If this life were returnable… Please. I’ll have another.

By S.E.R

Thanks for all the entries! Have a great weekend!


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