Friday, July 6, 2012

Got Winners!

Comics Wallpaper: Joker and Harley Quinn

Riddle me this!

Our winning entry for the riddle/prophecy/puzzle prompt from last week comes from Hannah Henry:

Hannah Henry Entry:

Stopping short just in the dark damp cave Jonah pulled me to the side making sure we were no longer followed. I couldn’t tell which of us was shaking the most. He pulled me to the ground making sure we were still hidden as he pulled out the cloth of paper; 

Two shall answer the call
On the blood moon that dwells in the mist
You will face that which you never thought possible.
Two children of the meadow
Fight till death falls upon a king who has strayed,
Jonah and Katarina prepare for what is to come.

Thanks, Hannah. This is a great example of how to start your story off with fireworks, and pull your reader into your world.

EJ Patten's giveaway!

Mathew MacNish is the winner of the epic interview giveaway from EJ Patten. He'll get ten pages of manuscript reviewed by EJ!

Congratulations all. We'll be taking a hiatus next week for some well earned vacation and we'll all be back with more Gotteenfiction on Monday the 16th. 
- best Joe, Karen, Shari, Selene

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