Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two States of Being a Writer - Got Inspiration?

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What does it feel like to face the blank page? I mean not just blank pages of a not yet completed novel, but short stories, essays, a blog post, or a letter - really anything that you have to write. I have a range of feelings about it.

For the blank page, sometimes my stomach feels fluttery, but not like when I'm in love, more like when I'm about to be sick, only not quite so bad, otherwise ... I'd be sick. My mind races on old worn paths leading to 1) disturbing thoughts about my future, 2) bad things that have happened in my past, 3) a voice inside my head - sometimes loud and sometimes soft - that says, "You can't write so just give up," and 4) another voice - sometimes equally loud and sometimes soft that says, "You've done this before so get your fingers typing and it will all work its way out through your fingers."

Here's how it feels when I'm writing. My stomach settles. My mind grows calm and focused. Sometimes my fingers cramp up if I'm typing too fast. I feel a sense of being in the right place, in the present, in the here and now. It feels like an exhale.

So here's my question for you. What does your blank page feel like? What about when you're writing?

Knowing these two states of being a writer (either facing the blank page, or writing) can help you to move from one to the other.

We'll deal with revisions later...

In the mean time... enjoy your fireworks.
- Joe

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