Wednesday, June 13, 2012

got inspiration?

Well Read New & Used Books (a very awesome independent bookstore) in Hawthorne, NJ hosted the launch of Hawthorne High School's literary magazine "The Empyrean" two nights ago. 

A packed house of students, parents, grandparents and community members turned out to hear readings by student authors that were A-MAZ-ING! 

Was I inspired? You betcha! And I promised I wouldn't steal anything I heard or read that night. Well, maybe I had my fingers crossed behind my back...

I had the pleasure of being one of three judges for the magazine's fiction contest which gave me some insight as to what editors go through. They may love 10 submissions but have room for only 3 books on their list. Yikes! Yes, judging was tough because every entry brought something special to the table. After the winners were announced, I got to chat with all the talented writers.

Check out this link to the Empyrean's stunning color edition of the magazine which also includes student artwork. Again, WOW!

Congratulations to: 1st Place Winner: The Encounter by Mike Verdon (page 14)
                               2nd Place Winner: The Doctor Told Me So by Cecilia Schiavo (page 22)


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  1. Thanks for the kind words Karen. The students were delighted to meet a professional author who took the time to read and evaluate their writing. This kind of encouragement will inspire them to keep on writing!