Friday, June 15, 2012

Here's Fire's wonderful dialogue between Anthony and Destinee on prom night. Great work!

"Anthony I didn’t plan on telling you like this. I swear.” 
         He didn’t look at me.
“Anthony please say something.” I heard my voice begin to crack.
“What do you want me to say, that I was in love with you for two years and didn’t do anything about it, or that you’re someone other than you said you were.” 
I didn’t know how to respond, I wanted to comfort him but I was scared to get close to him. I didn’t want to lie to him, but there was no other way.
“I didn’t mean to lie to you about it. You have to believe me Anthony. And if you only knew the danger my secret puts you in.” 
He turned on me pushing me against the wall, fear striking his eyes.
“I don’t care about the danger. Damn it, Destinee. Do you honestly think I would think of you any different?” 
I felt the tears forming in my eyes but pushed them back.  “Of course not.”
         “Then why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was scared. I was scared they would find out and take you away.” 
He laughed slightly relaxing his shoulders. “I’m not some weak boy, I wouldn’t let them take me from you.” 
I didn’t hold the tears back this time, letting them fall Anthony pulled me closer whispering in my ear,“You have always been my angel Destinee, now you’re just the real thing.” He forced a smiled and left walking into the men’s room of the Grand Chalet.
    I leaned close to the door listening to the sound of him pacing back and forth, the sound of a flask coming out of his jacket pocket. He sucked down a mouthful of rum. I listened to him wince as he coughed at the burning pain in his throat. Prom night was not supposed to happen like this. 
Anthony didn’t know what to think about what Destinee had just told him, that she was a fallen angel, that she left heaven to save his life. Anthony slammed his fist into the stall door.How was he going to deal with the entire heavenly coven after his soul and after the one trying to protect it?

by Fire

After reading this I think we're all rooting for Anthony & Destinee! I hope they get in one slow dance before the coven strikes. Thank you, Fire and to all who submitted! If it's your prom weekend, have a great one!


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