Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Writing? A Blank Page

As writers, we are often stuck staring at a blank page. Sometimes it happens before you even start your project, sometimes it happens mid-story. Sometimes it happens just as you are nearing the end.

The question is--what do you do if this happens?

Different writers have different ways of dealing with writer's block. Some go for walks or go to the gym. Others find that taking a break for a while helps. Some writers turn to other projects or will write something silly or totally unrelated to their current project. Still others need to plow through and will sit and stare at that screen until something comes out. 

One thing I've found helpful when I'm not sure where my story is going is to journal for my characters or write letters between them. This often unlocks back story, reveals to me their motivation and shows me how they might react to certain situations.

The other thing I recommend is research. When I was writing Change of Heart, the more I spoke with people who had received a heart transplant, the more the storyline because clear to me. Often learning extra realistic facts can shape both your characters and your plot.

What methods do you use when faced with writer's block?

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