Monday, February 27, 2012


For today's Got Writing? prompt, I wanted to talk a little about character. When I look at books I've loved and authors I've admired, it's most often because they have created indelible characters. I read a John Green or Sarah Dessen book and I do enjoy the plot, but mostly, it's the joy of becoming attached to these strong, clear, specific characters that keeps me returning to their novels.

Even the television shows I love: Modern Family, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls work because the characters have wonderful identities, motivations and back stories. I've been reexamining one of my Works-in-Progress that wasn't working and going back to the characters. Using Cheryl Klein's book Second Sight, I've been trying to identify my characters' needs, wants, fears, quirks, habits, expressions, etc. It's a great way to strengthen a novel and I find that it's easier to write when I have a better idea of who my characters are.

Keeping character in mind, today's prompt is to take the picture above and think about these girls. Give them names. Throw in some conflict and write a 100 word or so exchange between the two of them.

All entries must be in by Wednesday, March 7 and the winners will be posted on Friday, March 9th.

And don't forget to go back to last Monday's prompt--there is still time to enter.

Stay tuned for a great week here at Got Teen Fiction?, including an interview with author Judith Graves.

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