Friday, February 17, 2012


Thanks to everyone who sent in stories revising old fairy tales.

Here's the one we thought was the best this week:

By Andrew P:

A Takeoff on the Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were three really BIG wolves. They left to seek their fortune.
The first wolf made his house from bricks.
The second made his from twigs.
The third made his from grass.

Then, a little tick who loved to stick to wolves came and said with a high and tiny voice came to the first house and started to yell "Come out of there now of I'm gonna have to crawl into that house of yours and do things the hard way!"  The continued on like this until the high-pitched voice started to annoy him. 

When the big wolf opened the door, he heard a little crunch under his feet and then he heard no more of the annoying sound. 

After that, the wolves lived happily ever after 

And here's another terrific one.

By Dave S:

A Takeoff on Good Night Moon
Sweet Dreams Lunar Sphere 
In the big, olive colored area of the house
There was a cellular device 
And a scarlet balloon
And an artist’s rendering of--
The bovine leaping over the lunar sphere
And there were a trio of tiny grizzlies relaxing on seats
And a duo of baby cats
And a set of gloves
And a miniature toy domicile
And a youthful rodent
And hair care implements and a bowl filled with oatmeal
And a silent female octogenarian who was murmuring “shush”
Sweet dreams room
Sweet dreams lunar sphere
Sweet dreams bovine leaping over the lunar sphere
Sweet dreams illumination coming from the lamps
And the scarlet balloon
Sweet dreams grizzlies
Sweet dreams seats
Sweet dreams baby cats
And sweet dreams gloves
Sweet dreams time-keeping devices
And sweet dreams cozy footwear
Sweet dreams miniature domicile
And sweet dreams rodent
Sweet dreams hair care items
Sweet dreams nobody
Sweet dreams oatmeal
And sweet dreams to the female octogenarian murmuring “shush”
Sweet dreams fiery balls of gas in the sky
Sweet dreams oxygen
Sweet dreams cacophonous sounds everywhere

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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