Monday, February 20, 2012

got writing? Skateboarding is not a crime...or is it?

     Devon and his buds had finally found a sweet skate spot behind a random warehouse on the edge of town. 
      "Two hours and not one cop," Devon said.
      "Yeah," Skunk said. He sucked the last drag off his cigarette and flicked the butt away. "But I'm starting miss Officer Corrigan."
      "Nothin' like the thrill of the chase," Wes said.
       Devon set up behind the guard rail for a trick he'd been trying to land even though his hip was screaming from his last crash and burn. He pushed toward the edge, trying to keep his legs relaxed. He pumped harder, picking up more speed. I'm going to nail it this time, he thought. He was in mid air when he heard Skunk's voice.
      "Oh, crap. Dev!"

Finish this scene in about 100-200 words and email to: by February 29th (Leap Year Day) and we'll post the best on March 2nd.

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