Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Scrabblicious results!

Thanks for all the fabulous entries, writers!
by, gelatin, fox, fair, remits, pi, rev, go, swag, zoom, hi, unites, is, owe, diet, lure, la, tapes, boot, shine, pan, quack, fig, rode, fire, gore, cue, vex, hi, zit, to, ego, eyed, lat, moods, nap, belt, injures, soaks

Alex kicked his boot against the leg of his desk. Math class was endless on an ordinary day, but today was dragging on especially slowly. And try as he might, pi looked like nothing but nonsensical garbage as he stared at the equations scrawled on his paper. He tried to focus on math as he eyed the back of Angie’s head. But she sat right in front of him, adding to his torture and making it impossible for him to focus. He had loved her since the beginning, with such a fire that it hurt sometimes. He’d been wanting to go up and say hi to her for months, ever since they started in the same math class, but she had a mega popular boyfriend with an ego the size of a small planet and a certain swag that Alex couldn’t hope to compete with. Still, a voice inside his head told him that he did owe it to himself to talk to her. Tell her that he wouldn't do all the awful things to Angie that her boyfriend did. It was true, too. Angie would never have to go on a single diet for Alex. He thought she was perfect just the way she was. He won the argument with himself and reached out a hand to tap Angie on the shoulder when, as if on cue, the bell rang. Angie and all the students packed up their things, but Alex was frozen in place with embarrassment. Things just weren't fair for boys like Alex.


"Hey Lawrence!" said Justin.  Lawrence was one of his best friends, and he hasn't seen him for weeks because he was really sick and was stuck in his house, but he finally got better.  He lost some weight.  He probably went on that diet he was talking about for a few years now.  

"How are you feeling, man?" asked Justin. 
  "Fine, I guess," replied Lawrence.  
"You ready to go to school,  and that $50 you owe me for that video game filled with blood and gore?"
"You still bugging me for that? It was like, 5 years ago."
"More like 5 weeks ago, but who's counting?"
"Hey,  look! It's a fox!"
Justin turned around and saw that there was no fox, and turned around again only to see that Lawrence had gone off running.  

"That's not fair!" yelled Justin.   
One day I saw a fox the color of fire. He was this orangish and reddish color. But, this isn’t why he looked so strange. His fur has such shine as if he put gelatin in it to make his fur look nicer. He looked as if he was trying to impress a lady fox. He also looked even stranger with the bright green boots that he had on. I was trying to figure out what a fox with shiny fur and bright green boots was doing. I asked this very fox where he was heading to. Of course I thought I was silly talking to a fox. In the snow that he was walking through, he wrote 3.14. I thought to myself, 3.14 isn’t that pi in math? I was now really wondering if this was a dream or was I just going crazy? In that very moment I woke up…

Stop by next week for an interview with Beth Fehlbaum, author of Hope in Patience and a chance to win a copy of her novel. In the mean time, Beth is running a contest of her own which ends on February 14th. Click on the link below.

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