Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's March Madness time for all of the college basketball fans out there. As we're inundated with images of tournaments past and present, one moment comes to mind-- Duke's Christian Laettner's last minute shot in 1992 to beat Kentucky and head to the Final Four.

With two seconds to go, no one thought it was possible for Duke to overcome their 103-102 deficit. But Grant Hill inbounded down the entire length of the court to Laettner, who turned and made the shot--winning the game.

Nearly impossible odds, right? That feels like publishing some times. But Laettner did make that shot and writers do sell their books/stories/movies/plays, etc.

So don't give up because you think it can't happen--it can and it does. Just ask Christian Laettner and every Duke fan (including me) out there!


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