Friday, March 2, 2012

got winners?

Thanks again for all the cool submissions! Here's that skateboarder prompt again and our top two picks. Great work guys!

     Devon and his buds had finally found a sweet skate spot behind a random warehouse on the edge of town.
     "Two hours and not one cop," Devon said.
     "Yeah," Skunk said. He sucked the last drag off his cigarette and flicked the butt away. "But I'm starting miss Officer Corrigan."
     "Nothin' like the thrill of the chase," Wes said.
     Devon set up behind the guard rail for a trick he'd been trying to land even though his hip was screaming from his last crash and burn. He pushed toward the edge, trying to keep his legs relaxed. He pumped harder, picking up more speed. I'm going to nail it this time, he thought. He was in mid air when he heard Skunk's voice.
     "Oh, crap. Dev!"
     It was Derm, the town's toughest rollerblader, skating in with his muscles bulging out of his nonexistent shirt. "Hey, this is my spot, kids", he said as he lit a cigarette off the ember of his last one, "Don't you see that 'no skateboarding' sign on the building?"
     "Yeah, I do. It also says 'no rollerblading',” barked Wes.
     "Lucky for me I can't read, but you guys won't be so lucky if you stick around."
     Just then, a patrol car shot out from the side of the building. It was Officer Corrigan with a smirk on his face. Everyone skated toward the fence that separated the warehouse complex from the forest. They knew Corrigan was too fat and lazy to climb over it and chase after them.
     They all raced toward the fence and hopped over it. Well, almost everyone. Derm couldn't manage to get over the fence with his roller blades. The boys could hear Corrigan's obese chuckle as they ran through the forest.

By Eric D.
               Dev looked at Skunk and he lost his focus.
  When his skateboard landed, he fell on his right hand too hard and broke it. On top of that, he had a strained ankle. He had lost all feeling in his body from waist down. 
          Dev moaned and said "What the hell, man?" 
  "Officer Corrigan is here!" 
  This is bad, thought Dev. "Go on without me."
  "I can't just leave you like this!" said Skunk
  "I said, shoo, you smelly rodent!"
  Why did our luck have to run out now? Skunk thought. 
  "We have to leave now, Skunk!" said Wes 
  Smell ya later, thought Dev, right before he blacked out.
  When Dev woke up, he was on a hospital bed with his mom by his side crying, and he saw his dad with eyes burning with a mix of anger and sadness. He still had no feeling from his waist down. 
  "Officer Corrigan found you lying on the pavement with a broken hand and shattered part of your spinal cord. You may not walk again, much less skateboard," said his dad.
  "Why did Corrigan come to arrest us anyway? Skateboarding is not a crime!" cried Devon. 
  "He did not come to arrest you for skateboarding. He came to arrest you for trespassing on private property. He also gave a warning of getting arrested for this, " and then dad held up a cigarette. 
  Devon thought about ratting out his friends, but he was the one who brought them there in the first place. "My life is ruined," said Devon.
  "You had to learn your lesson the hard way. Now, you know that you have to make the right decision. It's not like you have a choice any way now," said Devon's dad. 

By Andrew P.

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