Friday, March 30, 2012

got winners?

This is a late day post but worth the wait!

In response to our Antagonistic prompt, this gem really stood out! Spot on at exactly 100 words: 

           Ben was running into the forest, from his fear of hurting everyone, and revealing his secret. Only very few knew that the monster within was savage. Then again, only very few knew of this monster. He was cutting it close. The building was only so far away. This antagonistic beast knew just when to ruin everything.
            He had to stop. In a flash, he had taken the long and slender form of the lake, and it smelled its prey. It darted towards the nearest human it smelled and pounced on it, spilling pools of blood. He could not control it.


We loved the internal conflict on this one. Ben's the type of character we want to root for because he's battling uncontrollable demons and deep down he wants to do what's right. 

Well done, SER!

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