Friday, March 23, 2012

got winners?

Thanks for all of your submissions! Here are the Scrabble words you had to work with:

omens, ensuring, pare, chew, acid, nova, big, lox, dike, ye, on, doubt, jolt, tire, pies, zest, lint, no, foxy, eon, ad, grove, walked, jar, flap, it, hum, paid, tarots, readied, ewe, slay, queer

Our top pick:

I stood staring at the jar resting on the counter. The acid-like smell radiating from the jar could jolt your immune system awake. I’m standing, frozen with fear, minutes feel like eons. The golden flap peeled back to reveal a grove in the glass. 

Mother said I have to take two full teaspoons in order to get better. The familiar looking spoon seems big compared to normal. I readied myself as the spoon plunged into the queer liquid. It felt odd as I set the cold metal on my tongue. I chew up the jelly like liquid ensuring it goes down my throat. I let out a gasp, “Ewe!” No medicine could taste fowler than this shoe polish smelling one. 
I walk a few slow steps toward the garbage, the fluid threatening to come up. I fear I will get yelled at for not following simple directions, but I doubt I can keep it down. I flip open the lid to the pail to see a pile of lint before I close my eyes. Just before my lips part two hands are around my waist. 
“Don’t go doing that. I’ve paid a lot of money for that medicine for you,” says mother. 
Slowly, I stand back up, slaying my fear of vomiting. Mother begins to hum as she prepares the second spoon. I look at the ad in the paper on the table, ‘Don’t be afraid to try...Buy our fresh pies!’ I think to myself what a stupid thing to be afraid of.
By Amy S. 
Honorable mention:
He wasn’t sure when he heard the tire squeal. All he could think about was the jolt, the sickening crunching sound, and the screams. The people on the sidewalk walked by quickly, not wanting to get caught up in the drama. After all, emergency services would be there soon enough, they would take care of it. It wasn’t their problem, they had lives that had more importance. Jason blinked at them, his eyes heavy, as he waited and hoped someone would help him.
By Kimberly Y.

It was Arianna’s sixteenth birthday and her friend Jamie thought it would be cool to go to a fortune teller although Arianna had serious doubts.
“What if she can really see into the future? Does that mean it’s good to know what’s coming next?” Arianna said as they walked to the door marked Madame Rose, Clairvoyant.
“Wouldn’t you want to know if next week you were going to be slayed by a crazed maniac?” Jamie asked jokingly.
“Aren’t you a big bucket of sunshine on my birthday?”
The girls entered the door and Madame Rose rushed them into a dark, candlelit room.
“I require to be paid in advance.” Madame Rose extended her bony hand.
Her stale breath and heavy perfume made Arianna’s stomach turn. When the girls hesitated Madam Rose continued, “Too many people leave without payment if they do not like what they hear.”
Jamie paid Madame Rose and she spread the tarot cards across the table. Madame Rose’s expression was intense.
“Brett,” Madame Rose said.
Arianna felt a jolt of fear. Brett was her boyfriend. How did she know his name?
“Brett hides a secret from you,” Madame Rose said.
Arianna readied herself to hear the secret. She chewed her bottom lip. 
“Brett do you say it...queer.”
“He’s gay?” Arianna shrieked. “Impossible!”
“It is a secret he has yet to reveal to himself. In the weeks to come, it is you who will tell Brett."
A loud hum filled Arianna’s head. It wasn’t possible--was it?

By Dina M.

Congrats, Amy, Kimberly & Dina! NICE WORK!

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