Friday, March 16, 2012

Got Winners, Triffids, or Tribbles?

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Your quest for the Triffids to Tribbles Writing Challenge last week was to, in no more than 100 words, begin a story by introducing us to a creature that lives in the world that your story inhabits. Give us a sense of what the creature is and what its place is both in the world and in your narrative (is it protagonist? antagonist? secondary character?). We had a number of good entries but the one that stood out the most was this one, weighing in at exactly 100 words...

The Maigra are a group of people that live in the outskirts of civilized areas. It's said that they were once a powerful nomadic people that traveled the entire Michtan continent. However, a great famine came across the land, leading to the decline of the once thriving people. As their food ran out, so did their humanity, until they were little better than beasts. In the current age of man, the Maigra scavenge for food and have been known to attack and subsequently eat lone travelers. They have become a nuisance that plagues nearly every town in the Micht Empire.

- by Charles DeMoss

Nice work, Charles. It makes me wonder who the main character will be... a Maigra or a human? Will one be food for the other? There are lots of wonderful ideas here waiting to be taken to the next step.

If you haven't had a chance to look at this weeks writing prompt from Monday take a look at Karen's scrabble writing prompt and see if you can exercise some writing muscles and use five or more in a paragraph that includes some reference to the sense of smell. I love Scrabble, even if I lose at it most of the time. It's the spelling that gets in the way. But that's another tale for another post. Have a great weekend everyone.
- Joe


  1. Interesting things Charles is hinting at here.

  2. Now I need to actually figure out a story. I can come up with things like this easily enough, but making an objective or goal is difficult for me. And conversation, I am horrible at that.

  3. Charles, this is really impressive. There's no way I can create a world like this.

    I'm with Joe, I'd love to know who the main character is. Shari's prompt today is about the "antagonist" we meet in stories. I bet your next paragraph-- if you were to continue this story, we'd meet an antagonist.....Just a thought!