Friday, April 13, 2012

Got Metaphors?

Here's the answer to the whose metaphor is this challenge:

1. Considering the fact that they were inside a thousand-foot-long 
airship made from the life threads of a whale and a hundred other 
species, it hardly smelled at all. The scent was like a mix of animal 
sweat and clart, like a stable in summer. 

b. Goliath, Scott Westerfield

2. Far down the maze of ducts, Sloth was cranking away at a 
winding drum, sweat bright on her skin, blond hair pasted slick 
to her face as she sucked the wire out like a rice noodle from 
a bowl of Chen's soup ration. 

c. Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi

3. Dead leaves crunched beneath his feet like sharp teeth on 
bones, and the moon cast blue-black shadows all around that 
looked like monstrous figures eating unspeakable living buffets. 

d. Return to Exile, E.J. Patten

4. I have what looks like the outline of a normal boy's ear, 
but it's pressed down into the flesh, squashed like potter's clay. 

a. Stick, Andrew Smith
And the winning entry for the metaphor challenge is from M.V.L.
He had a woman on each arm. Each wore a clinging dress that 
shimmered like stars as she moved.
- M.V.L.
- Joe

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