Monday, April 16, 2012


Social Media. Facebook. Twitter. Google Plus. Pinterest (okay, I don't even know what Pinterest is, but I keep hearing about it). Then there's texting. So many different ways to communicate.

In my novel, Change of Heart, and in other things I have written, I often use these methods of communication. A book about teens wouldn't be real without its presence. Some would argue that using specific sites can date a manuscript as what's hot changes constantly (can you say "My Space?").

What do you think about the use of social media in middle grade and young adult novels?

For today's prompt, write a 100 word or less interchange between two characters, using any social media you would like.

Prompts should be e-mailed to: The deadline is Wednesday, April 25th. The winning entries will be posted on the got teen fiction? blog on Friday, April 27th.

Good luck!


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