Monday, April 9, 2012

got writing?

      One of the hottest up and coming local bands, Sisco Lane, needed a lead guitarist. I'd been preparing for this for weeks, months--to the point of blisters.
      Auditions were today. 
      Teddy Sisco, the bassist and leader of the band, jotted a few notes after the last guy. He had totally owned his song choice.  
     The competition was legit and I was just as good as any of the other guys. The slight advantage they had over me was that none of them made out with Vicky last night. Vicky, now seated next to Teddy, had failed to mention that the two of them were going out.   
      "Dennis, you're up. Let's hear what you got," Teddy said with a strange edge in his voice. It was as if he was daring me to blow it.
      I grabbed my guitar and took a seat up front. Vicky shot me a seriously flirty smile and an icy panic gripped me. For the first time this afternoon, Teddy seemed annoyed, impatient. Shit. Did he know about last night or were the auditions just starting to wear on him?
      I strummed the first chord, closed my eyes and...

Will Dennis get the job or blow the audition?  We can't wait to hear how you finish the scene!

We'll take submissions through April 18th and post the best ones on April 20th. Email them to us at

While you're here, scroll down to March 29th's post for details on how to win a signed copy of my novel, A Closer Look. 


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